About Marilyn

Marilyn Ambach was born in Antwerp, Belgium on June 11th 1980. She grew up in the Jewish community and went to Jewish School Tachkemoni and was active in the zionist youth movement Hanoar Hazioni. She studied music at Rimon School in Israel from 1998-200 but then returned to Belgium and enrolled in the prestigious Antwerp University UFSIA, where she earned a Masters Degree in Philosophy and graduated with honours. In 2004 Marilyn joined Live Nation Belgium to work as a concert promoter. Like her father, her role model. Paul Ambach had just sold his promoter business Make it Happen to Live Nation. He taught her how to handle A list artists and be a great organiser. In 2007, Marilyn moved to sunny Tel Aviv, Israel to work as a freelance event planner, producer and concert organiser under “Live on Mars“. She promoted many international shows including Leonard Cohen, Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan and Elton John. She also toured the world with Leonard Cohen so don’t be surprised if she mentions Camp Cohen a lot. In the last few years, her specialty became “Hospitality Services”. Besides the productional and organisational aspect of her shows, events and concerts, Marilyn focuses on taking care of anyone visiting Israel from abroad. Taking care of her guests from A to Z and giving them all the ultimate VIP treatment. From the second they land until the second they leave, she takes care of them like her own children. Her contacts abroad are large thanks to her last name and 15 years of experience in Israel.

Coming from an artistic and passionate musical family, Marilyn also plays piano and sometimes she even dares to perform on a stage. More recently she saw her passion and talent grow in creating collages, crafting, DIY, knitting and sewing for the “Life on Mars” collections. Marilyn fell in love with Tel Aviv and has been sharing that love ever since.

Her most recent creative passion is her radio show/musical podcast called Unwind Rewind on IDC international radio. Accompanied by her sophisticated musical taste, Marilyn includes the classics of artists she admires and has worked with, but also shares contemporary music and personal stories from her daily life as a woman, working mother and ‘Olah Chadasha’ combining all her musical cultures between Europe, Israel and the world. Her biggest source of love and inspiration are her three children: Nellie, Noa & Raphael.



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