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Focus on: Frederik Schnieders

In the (almost) decade i’ve been residing in Antwerp, it never seized to amaze me how much talent this city holds. And I for one, like young creativity. Especially young creatives who manage to make us stop and gaze at beauty, instead of passing by – “on to the next one” – in this very fast and contemporary art world.

Frederik Schnieders. I haven’t known the guy for long, but he’s an artist. Why? He makes me stop and look, wonder and admire, think and re-think, evaluate and sure as hell smile. “Quand on a que l’amour pour les autres.” When you only have love for others. People who can carry catchy phrases like this are worth to get to know.

Frederik, born in 1977, studied painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. From the beginning his primary interest was the human figure. Studied and cultivated through figure drawing, he has now transformed his work into his own appreciation of the female: a young, rock’n roll, independent woman that emphasizes her role as outcast, idol, bad girl or just plain femme fatale. His paintings are set in a world of written words and reflect the impulses of the moment, with reference to all time heroes in music and other art forms. Frederik uses a mix of charcoal, Chinese ink, markers, aqualaque, stickers, paper pieces, spray paint and acrylics as his tools. This gives his work the right edge. Every painting is a discovery of little quotes, poems, thoughts and insights in the artist’s soul.

Take a look:

You can stop and admire Frederik’s work yourself at

Coffee & Vinyl, Volkstraat 45, 2000 ANTWERP

(ongoing exhibition).

Still can’t get enough? (and right you are!) Good news: Frederik recently collected major part of his work in a book (and it sure looks great). For more information on prices and orders: contact us through e-mail.

Also check out Fred’s Blog and his Tumblr page to stay updated!


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