Marilyn & Camp Cohen

Where do I start my Leonard Cohen story and how do I tell it? Needless to share the part of I’m a fan; loving his music and admiring the man. My story with LC started in my mother’s womb as my father promoted his shows in Belgium in 1974 and 1980 – my birth year. Fast forward to 2009: After working on his legendary concert in the Ramat Gan Stadium in Israel on September 24th, I was asked to join the tour in July 2010 as production assistant. When I got the call from Leonard Cohen’s tour manager, I was first of all very flattered and honoured. Of all working people they met over the years, they had chosen me. Luckily I didn’t have too much time to think, stress and prepare; we were leaving 3 weeks later. For 4 months and a half. 3 months across Europe then New Zealand, Australia, West Canada and the US. As it has now been a long time ago, some memories fade and one keeps mostly the good ones. Yes I was homesick many times. Living in a hotel, out of a suitcase and traveling is not made for everyone. Timing wasn’t good for me either for personal reasons. Being on the move all the time is not an easy thing when you are attached to your family and friends and to your comfort zone(s). But what a ‘mazal’. To see the world and to be part of the most wonderful touring company, the Unified Heart Touring Company. It’s hard work and it’s boring, it’s fast and it’s slow, it’s joy and it’s tears, it’s close and it’s far, it’s winter; it’s summer It’s all of it. All together I visited 45 different cities/countries and did over 60 shows joining the last leg of an ongoing 3 year world tour – that ended up continuing till 2013. I have visited the tour in 2011, 2012 and 2013 and kept in touch with LC until he died. So blessed to have had the privilege to work and know this man. As I said in this interview, for me Leonard Cohen was an idol that became my friend, my grandpa, my rabbi and my shrink.


Collage I made a long time ago with a quote from Anthem: “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in

More info about Leonard Cohen on his website or on the Leonard Cohen Files. Follow “Notes from the road” for all updated tour info or for more souvenirs:

My radio tribute to Leonard Cohen


  1. Hey. It’s alex. Ari’s friend. You really got me interested in your travails with Leonard . He’s the closest thing to god there is in man. You probably have enough material for s book or documentary.

    Loved the challah 🙂

    שנה טובה וחגים שמחים


  2. Love hearing about your experiences, Marilyn.
    A unique and prestigious opportunity that I’m glad for you that you seized.
    Great photos.

  3. This article opened my eyes, I can feel your mood, your thoughts, it seems very wonderful. I hope to see more articles like this. thanks for sharing.

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