Unwind Rewind 96 Nurture Mother Nature

Today we are inspired by Mother Nature again… the birds & the bees… the flowers & the trees… As we learn to nurture ourselves and our surroundings… Nurture Mother Nature… With empathy and sympathy…

1The Milk Carton KidsJewel of June
2Nick DrakeFruit Tree
3Shalom ChanochKi Ha’adam Ets HaSade (For man is the tree of the field)
4Ariel ZilberBrosh (Pine Tree)
5Eviatar BanaySameach Sheba’at (Happy you came by)
6Crosby, Stills & NashCarried away
7David CrosbySong with No Words (Tree with No Leaves)
8Stephen StillsTreetop Flyer
9LambchopThis Corrosion
10Jewel AkensThe birds and the bees
11Arik EinsteinIma Adama (Mother Nature)
12Paul McCartneyMother Nature’s Son
13Dr. JohnI ate up the apple tree
14Harry Connick Jr.Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?
15Jonathan ByrdI was an Oak Tree
16Mark KnopflerRedbud Tree
17Rare BirdSympathy
18Pat Metheny & Jim HallThe birds and the bees (instrumental)
Listen to all the songs compiled on my Unwind Rewind Spotify Playlist – without the talking
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