Visiting Tel Aviv?

Thinking of visiting Israel? Planning a city-trip to Tel Aviv? Did you know flights from Europe are less than 4 hours?

Marilyn will guide you and help you build your own private customized trip. Thinking as a European for your comfort while making things happen as a local Israeli. With her working experience she can get you the best deals in town. From the flight details, via the airport procedure to your favorite hotel. From the beach, via the best restaurants to the ultimate night life experience. Or are you more into cultural adventures? A daytrip to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea? A visit north (Haifa, Acco, Nazareth, Kibbuts, Golan Heights). Or just some shopping and sunbathing in Tel Aviv? A tour around Tel Aviv’s art-fashion-design world? Architecture and Bauhaus tour around “The White City”? Rest assured, Marilyn knows the city well and loves to share the city’s best kept secrets with you…

And don’t forget our special discounts in hotels, restaurants, bars, shops etc. Contact us:

Read our practical guide to TLV here, a hotel list here and info on trips to Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and the North, read here


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