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January 1st 2014: time for some “Yolo” to say it in Marie-France’s words… I prefer “Carpe Diem” cause having just one life seems rather boring. On a regular night after work at the very end of December she asked me if I was up for some last minute adventure and a few days later we were standing in Tel Aviv.

These pictures were taken on day one when we were absorbing the inexhaustible energy in and around Rotschild, the “street to be” in TLV. It’s like the southern, warm, cosy and smaller version of New York where everything is open 24/7. Even now it’s still 18 degrees, everybody is standing outside and the atmosphere is fantastic.

More about our trip very very soon…

Marie-France: cardigan – River Island, t-shirt – Zara, pants – xxx, scarf – Gucci, sneakers – Vans, sunglasses – Ray Ban

Ruth: sweater – & Other Stories, top – American Apparel, sweatpants – Isabel Marant pour H&M, scarf – Zara, sneakers – Converse All Stars, bag – & Other Stories

Pictures taken ourselves
Want to ready more about Tel Aviv, you should definitely check out the blog of our host Marilyn:


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